“It took me exactly one trip to the United Arab Emirates to love this country. And exactly three trips in order to understand that I will return there more than once, because there is no such second Dubai in the world.

My relationship with the UAE is built on the principle “done - not done yet”, because you can talk about this country for hours, inspire interest in it, and also return spontaneously, as it happened with me.

What has already happened and what do I advise you to do too ?

-  Arabian night : camel caravan, jeeps and desert buggy rental dubai  jumping on the dunes, hookah, oriental dances and henna patterns from fingers to elbows.

-  Go  to  Abu  Dhabi  Ferrari Park & ??Yas Waterworld . The fastest roller coaster in the Middle East, free flight in a cylinder into a water funnel, an artificial sea, and then a DisneyLand-style lunch (that is, a lunch box with plastic burgers and fries that increases cholesterol. Parents should consider taking food with them or buying in the other place). 

- Do it! Shopping, shopping and shopping again . That feeling when you are ready to pass the Dubai Mall / Mall of Emirates construction scheme excellently, even though Google writes that it is impossible. As a result, you have a huge number of colorful bags of various brands in your hands, ranging from Victoria Secrets to Batman cereals, where comics are in every box. Shopping in Dubai is a separate religion that has its own calendar holidays. Most often, these are January and February - months of massive sales.

-  Visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque . That feeling when you never wore so many clothes in your life ... a cold marble floor, and from a height a lamp made of Swarovski stones dazzles the eyes and soul ("who is praying to what gods here?" - every time you think, looking at a beautiful black veil made of fabric and threads from haute couture). 

- Feel like 50 CENT  (this place can be any rapper or pop singer from the early 90s to the millennium, let's take even the beautiful Madonna), having a ride in five different elite-class cars in one day. Be sure to sigh sadly when Lexus comes to you for the sixth time. Is there really nothing new?! .. (URGENT !!! In the UAE, it is much more profitable to use the Uber app. You will be able to control the travel budget and you will not be charged additional fees if the boarding was during rush hour or in crowded places, such as like shopping malls.)

-  Ride around your favorite area with pleasant music  (probably, in every country they ride like this around the districts). We chose Dubai Marina

-  Spend the most beautiful midnight on the Burj Khalifa, in Armani . And then look down at this incredible city for a long, long time, realizing that you + Dubai (minus all tourists that periodically cover the view with their selfie stick) = love.

-  Take a photo in front of the Sail . My favorite is the abra at the Madinat Jumeirah complex. The trip on this "dangerous and fast" transport costs about $ 14. Don't expect to see Venice. This is a 10-minute meditation amid luxury in the Arabian style, somewhat reminiscent of Eden.

-  Make some new friends : Pali, a Pakistani taxi driver in the middle of the road turned off the meter so that I could get cheaper to Cove Beach; Anahit, a baker from Kyrgyzstan at LaDuree, gave me my favorite lavender macaroni for coffee; with Becky, a flight attendant from England, we went to sunbathe in a JBR. The people in Dubai are friendly and modern. I didn't think for a minute that I was in a Muslim country.

- Admire the fountains , of course  . Skyfall by Adele, and then I will always love you by Whitney Huston , thundering under his power and strength, water - that's what Mr. e h a b s t s! 

What do I have to do when I return to the UAE?

 -   SkyDiving. Flying over Palma with an instructor and a video that you will pass on to your grandchildren: not all grandmothers fly from an airplane over Dubai. The cost of this entertainment is 2199 AED (~ 550 $). In addition to skydiving, you can also take the cable car down to swing down. Emotions are worth their money!

 - Wake up in Fujairah! The Gulf of Oman is a place to wake up to the singing of birds of paradise. A place of calmness, pacification and acquiring Zen. "