Experiencing QuickBooks error code C=1304? Well, if that is the case, this post can be of great assistance to you. This error often occurs when the users update QuickBooks or install any program. The error code 1304 appears on the screen with a warning message that states: “Error writing to file (file name)”. At this moment, the user needs to ensure that you have the access to the directory. This error can be seen due to a handful of reasons which we will be elaborating on later in this segment. If you are interested in learning those solutions, then make sure to read this post till the end. Or you can also connect with our team at +1-844-405-0907 and we will provide you with immediate support services.



What leads to QuickBooks Error C=1304?

The user can come across such an error due to the following reasons:

•                    Any kind of problem with the CD Drive can be one of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of this type of error.

•                    Another factor that might lead to error C=1304 can be, if the CD gets damaged or the CD driver is not functioning in the proper manner.

•                    If there is any kind of damage to the Microsoft .Net components, then in that case the user might stumble upon QuickBooks error code C=1304.

Effective steps to get rid of the issue

One can try to use the Installation CD to Replace Installation Files to fix the error successfully. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

•                    The very first step is to replace the installation files from CD to hard drive

•                    Now, insert QuickBooks CD into CD drive. As soon as the installation process gets started, the user needs to click on quit tab .

•                    Head to C: drive and create a new folder and paste the files there

o   The user needs to choose the desktop on the left pane of window, in Windows Vista

o   And click on Organize and click on New Folder.

o   After the New folder appears, rename it to QuickBooks.

o   Right click the QuickBooks CD and also click on Explore.

•                    The user will then have to look for QuickBooks, other third party folders, and setup.exe file in right pane.

•                    Now, press and hold the Ctrl key, followed by selecting the folders and file.

•                    Right click and opt for Copy.

•                    Now, head back to QuickBooks folder, right click on it and tap on Paste option.

•                    From the folders that were copied earlier, the user needs to install QuickBooks.

•                    Open the QuickBooks folder where the files were copied.

•                    On the setup.exe file, double-click to start Installation process.

•                    Perform the onscreen instructions and complete installation


By the end of this post, we hope that the information shared in above might be of some help in eliminating the QuickBooks error code 1304. However, if there is any query or if the user needs our assistance, then, in that case, connecting with our QuickBooks tech support team +1-844-405-0907 is recommended. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work towards helping QuickBooks users