Studying is such an important activity for any learner. It is a way to acquire knowledge and increase understanding, to be more organized, to be able to think more critically, and to have better problem-solving skills. All of this is necessary for academic learning as well as everyday life. Learners with ADHD have a hard time when it comes to studying because they struggle with executive functioning skills ADHD like attention, organization, and impulsivity. So how do you make learning easy if your mind is distracted all the time? Here are some tips that you can try:

Try to Make Some Space for Learning

Folks with ADHD find it very hard to concentrate on anything for a prolonged period of time. This is even more difficult when they are trying to control themselves and their thoughts and feelings. Creating some space in your mind can help you reduce stress and stay focused. To free up your mind, you can create an environment where you don't have to resist temptation or distraction. Visit here to know more.

Manage Your Phone

Phones can be the biggest distractions for people with ADHD. But sometimes your phone is the only way you can learn through apps. Now what? The key is to manage your phone usage wisely. Uninstall all the applications that aren't helping you stay productive or learn in real life. Turn off notifications for apps that aren't useful. If you aren't rigorously using your phone to learn, you shouldn't allow phones inside your work station (the learning space we talked about!). Click here to know more.

Get Physical with Learning.

One of the worst parts of learning with ADHD is that your body is constantly searching for something. You are always looking to fetch something, move, tap your feet, or do something else to keep your body moving. So why don't you use that energy to your advantage? Instead of trying to keep still, use physical activity as a way to help you learn. For example, you can use a stationary bike to pedal and read at the same time. Channel that energy into physical activities such as pacing, doodling, standing up and stretching periodically. You can also take help from academic coaching.

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