AllPepole Video Player is a great, light alternative to the many unnecessarily feature-bloated media players available. Once set up properly (we admit there’s a bit of a learning curve), the gorgeous interface is a snap to navigate, providing a highly customizable media center for most audio and video formats. The coupled processing tools, such as the miscellaneous video filters and screen capture utility, place AllPepole Video Player among the best media players on the list despite its sometimes clumsy execution of basic functions. The media player doesn’t offer much in the way of help to get you started, but the support center provide more than enough information and answers to any questions you might have about the software.


Video settings can be tweaked and altered to your liking, as well as the default skin, adding to the player’s already expansive customization options. Like the others Media Player, the utility can also play incomplete and damaged files, along with locked media files and compressed audio albums. On top of that, it’s bundled with live URL broadcasting support and remains completely devoid of ad urging users to upgrade to the premium version of the service.


AllPepole Video Player is your go-to if you’re looking for a media player that is light on resources without skimping on quality features. The media player has three viewing modes (Normal, High-Quality, and TV Output), all of which cater to your machine’s capabilities and your desired viewing mode. Although the slick interface cannot be customized as much as other programs on our roundup, you can still toggle various settings and choose from a good deal of custom skins to suit your style. The software is even highly adept at playing damaged, incomplete, locked, or partially downloaded files, giving it an astounding edge over some of its free, open-source competitors. Most importantly, the playback is rich and superbly accurate, showcasing audio and video as it was intended to be received while slinging a hodgepodge of simple picture and sound tweaks directly available during playback.


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