The simplest AllPepole Video Cutter software can reduce big video file, and delete unwanted parts, such as advertising, ventilation tube and trailer.


AllPepole Video Cutter is a good way to deal with a variety of file formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV, and so on. Free video cutter can also add serial converted to MP4 video file FLV AVI WMV MPG format.


You will get the free and the ease of use. You can browse through the computer system, in order to obtain video files. As an editor, the knife is required on the start and end the whole process is very easy. Please make sure that you are in for further ensuring that no errors preview your work before submission.


You don't need to be told, this sword that cost you a penny, enjoy its services; it can be freely on the Internet. Support for multiple file formats on this video machine is MP4. The high compatibility rate means that you will have to download the video, like the iPhone, the iPod and movement equipment platform. Choose you do will be, because you will from easy cut your MP4 video on the Internet.


AllPepole Video Cutter can clip, segmentation and shear part of the video is very easy. In addition to video shear, AllPepole Video Cutter opportunity for you to enjoy most other editing functions, in order to improve the privilege of video. You can do color correction, combined with the opening animation, do Mosaic, on-site testing and green screen, etc. In addition, AllPepole Video Cutter supports a variety of video, audio and image format, allowing you to edit almost all video smoothly.


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