Most of the online video is VOD. Discussed in this article can play video on demand content each player as a progressive download via HTTP (content to start playing, download a small buffer, without the need for the entire video file download), or as a byte range requests. All current HTML browsers can use scope requests, among them, the video file of browser requests, and the specific fragments, allowing the player to find any part of the video and restore play very fast. Based on Flash video rendering, but usually only loading HTTP video as a progressive download, makes the instant search and a faster startup time is difficult. Other Flash rendering ability of adaptive stream protocol in video players can through it is crucial to the success.


About the content of the activity, lack of live support, without having to use the plugin left a huge vacuum technology products. In fact, most of the desktop browsers can't handle real-time streaming media in all - Safari (only applicable to Mac version) is a native support HTTP live streaming the only desktop browser (HLS) format, and the newer version of Google browser installed can play is necessary for the MPEG video format - the DASH (or dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) transmission media extension. If you need real-time flow deployed to your audience, then your OTS video player rendering mode should be back to play based on plug-in, such as player code base driven by Adobe Flash player. Later in this article, I will discuss how OTS players have different work mode, on the basis of being rendered player's browser.


All discussed in this article the video player has a Flash back, but most players cannot in all equipment and desktop consistently real-time stream. Low latency flash-based live circulation often served RTMP (real-time message protocol), but a lot of media server, such as media server or Adobe media server, can provide real-time data flow in Adobe HTTP dynamic flow and HLS (HDS) format. Most OTS Adobe HDS video player can't play video, Flash player plugin itself does not consume the HTTP streaming media content.


Note: external Action Script 3.0 library is necessary parsing the HTTP listing and decode HTTP video clips. Adobe's open source media framework (OSMF) still can be used for the realization of the custom player, but many Web developers use OSMF lost, because it is no longer actively maintained by Adobe.


HLS on mobile devices, apple is the only consistent support live or video on demand content streaming media format. HLS work very well on iOS, but to a large extent on Android - it depends on the Adobe Flash player to handle real-time streaming - HLS implementations are available.


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