Do you like to pick up the camera to record your love and your little drops of the laughter? Why not merge precious video into special anniversaries and Christmas' day gifts for your lover. It must be a more meaningful way to celebrate your love is better than the traditional gift of imagination is like a rose and the ring. Now, let's talk about how to merge the video together.


To combine together of video, you need to download, install and run the Video Merger - AllPepole My Merger in the iTunes app store, the following downloads:


1. Add files


Press the "add file" button, in the top left corner to upload video you want to merge them together. Or, joined the video file, you need to edit the video clip to the parts you don't want first. After adding video, click on the task of video icon in the lower right into the editing window scissors. Control during the video by dragging the timeline, and then click "ok" to save the changes.


2. Merge videos

By clicking on the "merger" option, and in the software interface, you will be taken to combine the window. To add a task list, select the entire "original" box shown in the video, and then click the "merge". When you add video files into a bag, and then click "ok".


3. Start the process

Click "run" to join the process of video files. Starts, you can set the output folder and output format. Not all formats are the same, the original film and output video format is optional. You can even transmit video merge into your portable devices, such as the iPhone series (the iPhone 6, 6 plus already listed), Samsung series, HTC series, series of Nokia, SONY series, series of blackberry.


4. Begin the process of adding video files

Have you had it! This process is very simple, only three simple steps. This video is a video downloader, it will enrich your video, if you from YouTube or other video sharing site to add some interesting online video. Merge video into an organic whole; Let your unique video!