Because there is always so many background apps in your RAM space, so much slow down your system background application, you may have tired of the android mobile phone. How about using the iOS to replace? This may be the best time for some Android users, just like you, because the iPhone 6 is just released in September. Now the question is: how to deal with all of your personal data, such as photos, video, music, text messages and contacts saved on Android devices? How to transfer Samsung Galaxy file easily to the iPhone 6?


Of course, you can just connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer, copy the files from the SD card, and then transfer them to your new iPhone 6, but because you don't have enough permissions to access your contacts or text files, they seems very hard to let you and commonly used method is transferred to the new iPhone 6.


AllPepole Mobile Swap is dedicated to do ability to transmit data between any smart phone plans. Fortunately, the software can also support the transport address book, video, pictures, etc., from Samsung Galaxy phone to the latest iPhone 6. Now I will tell you how to personal data transmitted from the Android mobile phone, says Samsung Galaxy S5 / S3 / S4, 6 to the iPhone.


Step 1: download the AllPepole Mobile Swap and install it on a computer.


Step 2: start AllPepole Mobile Swap, then connect your Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and iPhone 6|6S|6S Plus to the computer. After connecting your device, the program will immediately recognize them, and show them to you. To exchange, just click on the button to copy.


Step 3: Transfer Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3 data to iPhone 6/6S Plus. Check after finish all the steps above, as long as you want to be in the middle of the data, such as video, music, photos, contacts, etc., and then click the "copy" button. Then your Samsung data will begin to shift to the iPhone 6. Just make sure no broken two devices in the process.


Note: AllPepole Mobile Swap not only transfer contacts, messages, video, pictures, calendar, music from Samsung Galaxy to the iPhone 6, you can also directly in the transmission of video and music files into the iPhone 6 compatible format for your service.


All you need to do is simple, as long as the above. AllPepole Mobile Swap - in addition, you can also Symbian and Android, Symbian and iOS easily with this powerful tool to transfer data between. Just have a try.


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