Want to Merge Videos? Then Download our Free Video Merger app to your Windows and Mac computer, and easily merge videos on your device. AllPepole Video Merger is an application that enables you to join different video files into a larger video file. Using this program, you will be able to select different video files and join them together. Once you do that, you will be able to play all the videos you joined together as if it was only one.


Step by step tutorial:


1. Download and install AllPepole Video Merger for free. Run the software.


2. Import video files by "Add File" into wma joining software on Mac or Windows. Additionally, you can delete or remove unneeded file with "Remove File" or "Remove All" button. Tip: the number of input files are not limited, you can import as many as you like.


3. Rearrange video files in a new order using buttons on Mac or Windows audio joiner as you need, by moving up/down or moving to top/bottom. In addition, you can play them prior to merging.


4. Press "Merge", then a panel with parameters will pop up for you to select output settings.


5. If all steps above are completed, you can tick "Ok" to merge the audio clips with AllPepole Video Merger.


With several minutes, you can enjoy the generated video files by AllPepole Video Merger. Download AllPepole Video Merger at APP store: