Saturday on the 23rd of July
3 Battle Items Chest with Honing Shards Selection Chest x3
Sunday, July 24,
Honing Support Selection Chest x1 and A Guardian Stone Selection pouch 6
This week, on the weekend that will be July's last, the rewards will change to:
Saturday June 30th, July 30th
3 Battle Items Chest with 1 item as well as Honing Leapstone Choice Chest II x 2
Sunday the 31st of July
Honing Support Selection Chest x1 and Destruction Stone Selection Pouch 3
Progression bonuses that were added to the July update are in effect and include Punika Powerpass. Punika Powerpass, by which you can level any character instantly up to the level of item 1302 by making a one-time usage to use the pass. Also, there are Hyper Express events, which means that any character at item level 1302or higher (including those who are insta-leveled on your roster) gets access to various challenges that can help them get to the item level 1370. Also, it is part of Abyssal Challenge Dungeons, which will reward winners with things like the ability to improve their supply.If you want to learn more about P2Pah Lost Ark Gold ,please vist