All of us eventually tire of eating the same things over and over again and start craving novel dishes. Indian cuisine is a wonderful introduction to other cultures' culinary traditions. Several people mistakenly believe that Indian cuisine is high in fat, curry powder, an abundance of spices, and extreme heat.


Whilst there are those 'sinful' Indian dishes, many of them are actually health and consist of deliciously roasted, steamed, or fried veggies. There is a large quantity of recipes that are utilizing just a few or even one important spice to bring out the tastes of foods utilized.  Chicken tikka masala is a popular dish.



You can't always count on having the time or the nerve to try your hand at cooking Indian food from scratch, which is why having a reliable Indian restaurant nearby is always useful. To ensure your first encounter with Indian cuisine is as memorable as these dishes are, we've compiled a short checklist. Bar restaurant is actually very good.


One, go to a decent eatery. There are exceptions, but in general it is true that higher prices correspond to higher quality service. Don't let the pricier menus put you off; top eateries produce their own gravy and spice blends from scratch, using high-quality ingredients. While this method takes longer and costs more than buying pre-packaged materials, I think you'll agree that it's well worth the effort. Naan street food is preferred widely.


The second piece of advice is to read the menu carefully. Ask the waiter or a reliable friend if you are unsure about the correct meal terminology. Asking the waiter or chef what the food is composed of and how hot it will be is not considered disrespectful. As you are likely an outsider to this society, your natural want to learn more about it is likely to be met with some peculiar looks. You should always choose the best indian restaurant in Barcelona.


Third is to avoid spreading germs, please wash your hands thoroughly before eating. The significance of this should be evident, but you'll soon see why I stress it. Many Indian foods are eaten without the use of silverware, thus it is both polite and sanitary to wash your hands before digging in. If you want to avoid becoming sick, it's best to eat with your right hand, since the left is seen as impure in Indian culture. You can always ask for forks and spoons if you don't want to use your fingers to select rice. The staff at these eateries is used to being asked this kind of thing. Indian restaurant Barcelona will provide you good quality food.


Last is while planning a meal, it's important to choose items that complement one another. Choose the lentils or one of the lighter dishes to complement your spicy main. Common accompaniments to Kashmiri cuisine are rice or flat bread and a light, creamy dish. Ask the chef or wait staff for advice if you're ever at a loss for what to order; they'll be pleased to help since they know it shows you care about the quality of the food you're receiving. It goes a long way with locals if you make an effort to learn about and appreciate their heritage. You can easily find the best indian restaurants Barcelona.