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Share some ACSS 7693X exam questions and answers below.
You are receiving High Availability warnings in the vSphere client. 
To resolve the issue, what should you try first? 
A. Stop and restart VMs. 
B. EnsureStorage Array is reachable from VSP. 
C. In the cluster, check cabling between server and storage array. 
D. Right-click each Host in the cluster and select Reconfigure for HA. 
Answer: B

A customer called saying vMotion is not working as expected. 
What is the first thing you should try to determine the issue? 
A. Check all physicalwiring. 
B. From one of the Hosts, try to ping the vMotion VMKernel of the ¡°Destination¡± Host. 
C. Place both hosts in maintenance mode, then restart once completed. 
D. Shut down and restart both hosts. 
Answer: B

Which process is used to determine the current version of software running on the Pod Fx CM installation? 
A. Browser and connect to vSphere 
B. SSH andswversioncommand 
C. Telnet andswversioncommand 
D. VNC and connect to MSC 
Answer: A

When attempting to access the Pod Orchestration Suite (POS), you want to avoid receiving error messages reporting that the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is either not responding, or is unreachable. 
Which restriction to the FQDN must be followed? 
A. You can have no more than 35 characters. 
B. You musthave a .COM or .NET extension. 
C. You must access POS via the IP address only. 
D. You must begin with the letters P-O-D. 
Answer: A

While configuring the MSC/PUM to use NTP you see the NTP synching fail. 
What is the most common cause of this problem? 
A. VMware is not supporting NTP. 
B. The VSPs are rejecting the NTP messages. 
C. The NTP server is installed outside of the Pod Fx. 
D. There is a firewall on MSC. 
Answer: A

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