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What is the recommended method to view a pages as it was in a previous point in time? 
A. Revert pages to their previous versions 
B. Use Timewarp to simulate the published state of a page at specific times in the past 
C. Create a workflow to take screen captures of pages and store them in Assets 
D. Keep nightly backups of CRX and restore as needed 
Answer: A

Your company is launching a website with customers from around the world. 
What capabilities of AEM Sites would allow you to make the content more relevant to the largest amount of customers? Choose two. 
A. Translation Framework 
B. Layouting Mode 
C. Editable Templates 
D. Multi-Site Manager 
E. Launches 
Answer: BC

A company has an existing English language site for the Canadian market. It is planning to create a new site for the US market. 
While most of the control of the current site can be reused for the new site, how would you create the new site in the most efficient manner? 
A. Create a live copy from the (ca/en) root to (us/en) 
B. Duplicate the site root(ca/en), then move it to the new regional root 
C. Copy the site root (ca/en) and paste it in the regional root (us/en) 
D. Create a site (us/en) and define the redirect to (ca/en) 
Answer: A

An author would like to display an AI-summarized version of an article. 
Which method would you recommend to achieve this? 
A. Create a variation of a master content fragment 
B. Modify a component to display a shortened form of the article 
C. Create a variation of an experience fragment 
D. Implement a workflow to generate a summarized version 
Answer: A

You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues. 
What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two. 
A. Do you intend to use Creative Cloud Integration? 
B. What is the typical network connectivity for users accessing AEM? 
C. What hours are considered “off-peak” for your content authors? 
D. What are the types of assets to be migrated? 
E. Do you have asset review/approval workflows? 
Answer: BC
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