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During a code review, you discover many quality issues. Many modules contain unused variables and empty catch Modes. You need to recommend a solution to improve the quality o' the code. 
What should you recommend? 
A. In a Gradle build task, select Run Checkstyle. 
B. In an Xcode build task, select Use xcpretty from Advanced 
C. In a Grunt build task, select Enabled from Control Options. 
D. In a Maven build task, select Run PMD. 
Answer: D

In Azure DevOps, you create Project3. You need to meet the requirements of the project. 
What should you do first? 
A. From Azure DevOps, create a service endpoint. 
B. From SonarQube, obtain an authentication token. 
C. From Azure DevOps, modify the build definition. 
D. From SonarQube, create a project. 
Answer: A

You manage build pipelines and deployment pipelines by using Azure DevOps. 
Your company has a team of 500 developers. New members are added continual lo the team 
You need to automate me management of users and licenses whenever possible 
Which task must you perform manually? 
A. modifying group memberships 
B. procuring licenses 
C. adding users 
D. assigning entitlements 
Answer: B

You are automating the build process for a Java-based application by using Azure DevOps. 
You need to add code coverage testing and publish the outcomes to the pipeline. 
What should you use? 
A. Cobertura 
B. Bullseye Coverage 
C. MSTest 
D. Coverlet 
Answer: A

What should you use to implement the code quality restriction on the release pipeline for the investment planning applications suite? 
A. a trigger 
B. a pre deployment approval 
C. a post-deployment approval 
D. a deployment gate 
Answer: B
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