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What is an advantage of adopting a microservices strategy in an application development environment? 
A. All microservices of an application are always updated at the same time for maintaining consistency in the application 
B. Every microservice can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independent of other services in the application 
C. Microservices are tightly coupled so it is easy to scale all the services at once to meet business demands 
D. Microservices provide the application platform to implement DevOps in the organization easily and at low cost 
Answer: B

Which phase of the cloud service lifecycle involves making business use case decisions for the cloud service offering portfolio? 
A. Service Termination 
B. Service Planning 
C. Service Creation 
D. Service Operation 
Answer: C

What refers to an agreement between provider and consumer that states the terms of service usage? 
A. Service contract 
B. Service template 
C. Chargeback 
D. Showback 
Answer: A

Which Dell EMC product is used for a disk-based backup and recovery solution that provides inherent source-based data deduplication? 
A. NetWorker 
B. ProtectPoint 
C. Data Domain 
D. Avamar 
Answer: D

Which role in service portfolio management determines and delivers the services that provide value and strategic advantage to the provider? 
A. Cloud Service Account Manager 
B. Cloud Automation Engineer 
C. Cloud Administrator 
D. Cloud Auditor 
Answer: D
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