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What are two prerequisites for a two-node NetApp cluster? (Choose two.) 
A. Cluster licenses must be enabled. 
B. Cluster interconnect cables must be connected. 
C. A data aggregate must be defined. 
D. SAN or NAS protocols must be defined. 
Answer: AC

Which statement is true for solid state drives used in NetApp storage systems? 
A. Solid state drives are volatile. 
B. Solid state drives are not hot-swappable. 
C. Solid state drives write in pages. 
D. Solid state drives are mechanical drives. 
Answer: C

You want to transfer data to a cloud-based storage solution. 
Which NetApp technology will accomplish this task? 
A. FlexVol 
B. SnapMirror 
C. SnapRestore 
D. FlexClone 
Answer: B

An alert is being generated about a management network switch. These alerts are being monitored by another team and the alerts should no longer be generated. 
Which action will stop the generation of the alerts for only this switch? 
A. Set the polling interval to zero. 
B. Disable cdpd on the node. 
C. Disable cdpd on the cluster. 
D. Delete the cluster-switch entry. 
Answer: D

Which statement describes SAN storage? 
A. SAN storage is file based. 
B. SAN storage is block based. 
C. SAN storage is volume based. 
D. SAN storage is aggregate based. 
Answer: B
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