As retailers, we manage various personality types on a daily basis. Of course each customer is unique, but there is universal agreement that there are four essential character types. These are the principle client personalities specific to the retail environment.

The Director

As the name implies, this personality is generally associated with demanding people. They are the take-charge types. They want what they want when they want it - and they want it now! In extreme cases they can be intimidating know-it-all. Directors are by and large not into casual discussion; they need current realities to settle on a choice as fast as could be expected.

If you try to get in the way of their goal they will plow through you and, as the expression goes, "take no prisoners." They couldn't care less about anybody's advantage other than their own. Their objectives are exceptionally clear. They need the most ideal item at the lowest possible price delivered when they want it - which is usually immediately.

How to Deal with a Director

Eliminate as much small talk as possible, spread out current realities, give your reasons why they should buy something and make it brief and to the point. Generally these personality types have high self-esteem, almost to the point of being obnoxious about it.

The Analytical Personality

These types normally have professions that require accuracy and analysis. These would include jobs such as accountants, engineers or scientists, whereby they direct research and analyze all the possibilities before making a decision.

How to Deal with an Analytical

Give those realities and information. Do not make a statement unless you can back it up with pertinent information. If the product has detailed labeling, offer it to them. There is one major benefit with regards to managing the logical character: They have gotten their homework and/or comparative research. In many cases they will actually know more than a salesperson or owner, which makes them a valuable source of information.

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