These days, every industry relies on internet marketing. And virtually the most important step in all successful internet marketing strategies is to make sure the landing page you’re leading your clients to is as effective as possible. All product design agencies would agree on this but not all can deliver the perfect landing page.

So, what should you expect from your local Austin app design agency when it comes to your website’s landing page? Here are the 7 rules for designing the best landing page:

1.     Make the content relevant

The content on a good landing page should always be relevant– no lengthy exposition, no personal stories. Instead, it should be to the point and focused on your product’s value. Research suggests that users spend approximately 8 seconds looking at a landing page before making a decision – that’s the time you’ve got to work with. A heading, sub-heading, and a call-to-action are all 8 seconds can possibly be enough for.

2.     Keep the layout simple

Many businesses like to deck out their landing pages with outlandish and extravagant visual elements – flashing lights, buzzing videos, even visual fireworks flashing on the screen above certain buttons.

This is a mistake that any good Austin app design agency will discourage. Flashy elements will not only turn away a lot of potential customers, they also take away from the valuable 8 seconds of the user’s attention span.

Instead, the landing page’s layout should be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Don’t be afraid to leave plenty of white space as it helps lead the user to the right place..

3.     Prove your credibility

A good way to show the customer that you are someone they’d want to do business with is to show some social proof of your credibility. This can be as easy as sharing some user testimonials, customer statistics, press mentions, etc. Just make sure that you incorporate these tastefully into your page with a clean and stylish design – nothing too tacky or pretentious.

4.     Showcase alluring imagery

Whatever you’re selling, the imagery on your landing page should show the best side of your product. All product design agencies should provide you with ample ways to highlight your product and showcase your brand.

5.     Focus on mobile

These days, a landing page should not only be usable on mobile – it should be made for mobile first. About half of web activity today is on mobile and it only looks to be increasing.

6.     Add social sharing elements

The purpose of a landing page isn’t just to ensure a sale – it’s also to drive even more sales. Don’t forget to add social sharing CTAs and icons on your landing page to help your satisfied customers drive more traffic your way.

7.     Test your landing page extensively After the draft of your landing page is ready it should go through extensive A/B testing. This gives you invaluable analytics on how well it can drive conversions, how effective your CTAs are, whether the trust signals are working, if any page elements are out of place, and so on. Don’t be discouraged if the testing indicates some issues – that’s its very purpose. Just make sure you use it to optimize your landing page even more.