The progressive development of artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into many areas of our lives, at the latest with the release of Chat GPT and also in the education of our children. 

Calculators, the internet, Google, Wikipedia, or smartphones - technical developments in recent decades have regularly presented the education system with new challenges. Artificial intelligence is now causing concern on the one hand and enthusiasm on the other. ChatGPT on WhatsApp can write essays in different languages, calculate math problems and explain how to calculate, describe scientific relationships, and even program. 

In this article, we want to try to take away your fear of the AI chat robot and show you its potential and limits. First of all: It is definitely worthwhile to work out how to deal with this technical innovation together with your child and the school.

Benefits of ChatGPT:

We start with the benefits of artificial intelligence for students. Restrictions and what to look out for when using ChatGPT Telegram can be found below under "Dangers and challenges in using Chat GPT".

- ChatGPT can represent an individual learning support

- Chat GPT can respond to individual student questions and needs, giving each student the appropriate support when requested.

- The AI can offer targeted learning materials that are tailored to the individual level of knowledge and the learning pace of the student.

- Chat GPT can suggest exercises and topics for term papers and give a raw version. He can easily explain complicated topics and write texts about them.

- Chat GPT can help in language learning by serving as a practice partner to have text-based conversations. It can translate into any language and even display the same text in different ways. Just try it out and tell the chatbot to write the same text once for students, once for teachers, and once for the pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean. It is also possible to have texts written from the point of view of different groups of people.

- ChatGPT Bot Telegram can control homework. The latest GPT-4 variant is even able to analyze photos of homework and, if necessary, check them.

Listing all the possibilities of artificial intelligence here is impossible because theoretically and with the right prompting, they are infinite. The proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating here. At its best, ChatGPT in WhatsApp is a new interface between people and computers, allowing non-professional users to instruct computers accordingly.