When growing up, one of the most important skills for a child to learn is how to read. A child starts reading in elementary school but to get them to read or learn to read is no small task. Is your child in elementary school? If so, we’re sure you’re aware of the struggles involved ingetting your child to read.

We understand how trying this can be, which is why we’re here to help you. You can start by helping your child read decodable books. If you think you need a little more help than that, we have a solution for you. We know of a platform that can help your child learn how to read. Can't wait to know about this platform? Don’t worry, you won't have to wait. Scroll down to know learn all about it.

Reading Teacher is a well-known,comprehensive and digital online platform that offers the best reading programs for elementary school children. This platform was designed by using phonics methods that provide a step-by-step tool for teaching children. This platform consists of over 100 animated and interactive stories on 25 different levels. Each story introduces or reviews new words and high-frequency words. Not only do these stories have new words but every new word is repeated at least five times in the book.

In each story, the decodable words are highlighted. By clicking on these highlighted words, the child can hear them. Being able to listen to a word while reading is another amazing aspect about this platform. This feature helps in making the child’s reading experience and learning even more effective. As a parent, you can track individual students so your kid's learning experience is even more personalized.

The aim of this platform and the tools provided is to ensure children understand the science of reading programs and learn how to read effectively. This platform is also a great help to the teacher and parents to track their child’s learning progress. You can subscribe to any of the three plans offered.

You can also read the testimonials of the people who have subscribed to the various plans. Reading the testimonials will help you understand which plan is best suited to your needs. You also will understand what can be expected from this platform and its tools. Visit their website to know more.

For more information, visit https://readingteacher.com/