In the US, the collection of regulations that safeguard the medical data of a particular patient is known as HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act. The act consists of a HIPAA compliance checklist that consists of essential points. The contents of the HIPAA compliance checklist are as follows:

Robust standards, procedures, and policies development: When it comes to developing strategies, procedures, and policies that will cover an individual or entity, all the practices must be conducted under HIPAA compliance.Physical and technical safety: Data is stored through software these days. Therefore, one must make sure that software and systems containing the personal medical details of a person can get accessed by only particular business associates. On the other hand, physical safety refers to the access of only selected people and employees in the building and office.Performing annual risk assessment: Medical data storage is associated with numerous risks such as hacking, software crash, and so on. Many other risks can arise with time. So, the HIPAA-compliant entities need to take essential precautionary measures from time to time.Reporting data breaches: All the HIPAA-compliant entities need to report any data security breach to the server, user, and the associated person immediately. Otherwise, it can be a trouble for all the entities and individuals associated with it.Inspect violations and take preventive measures: If in any case any violation is recorded, the HIPAA-compliant entities must investigate those violations and take precautionary measures to stop such violations to happen in the future.Documentation: Covered entities and associates need to document everything relevant to HIPAA compliance. Whether it is measures that helped in becoming HIPAA compliant, violations that have occurred at any point in time, or anything else. Everything that has happened needs to be documented.

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