Today the guys began to sort out very much among the possible darlings for themselves. It used to be much easier, but not today. Males can be passionate about either sports, or computer games, or work, and in such a situation it is very difficult to distract them from what they love. The problem is that they spend most of their time on their "coolest" work, etc. But what if you liked the young man, as they say, "hooked", and you don't want to give him to your beloved computer? Why not draw the guy's attention to yourself, but how exactly to act, what to say, what to do, read about all this below.
You can look at him for hours, and he only glances past, and it feels like he does not notice you at all. Why is a guy ignoring a girl? First, figure out what the problem is, maybe he doesn't like you, maybe he has a girlfriend, or maybe a wife, and finally, maybe he's gay, there are different things. The most realistic option is to get acquainted with one of his friends, preferably a guy, because if he has a good girlfriend, just out of jealousy, without a hint that she loves him, she will not give you the information you need. In such an environment, time is important, because you may not be provided with all the information right away and it should not be so difficult to wait an extra week, you know who your goal is.
Be in the places where he often visits.It can be anywhere (cafe, library, club, shop, etc.). First, arrange with a friend or girlfriend to be with you in the place where you will be waiting for your beloved. The main thing is to behave naturally, it is advisable to have fun, because smiling people attract attention more than others. Spend the first few "random" meetings so that he does not even dare to think that you like him, do not pay attention to him at all. After all, guys are not stupid at all, and noticing that a girl is watching him, in the future they can take advantage of you and quit, which will not give the slightest chance for any relationship.
Information.In the future, either at the time of acquaintance, or already in the process of communication, you will need information about him, of a completely different nature. So take a notebook and write down what he likes to do (sports, listening to music, watching movies, drawing, etc.), what his social circle is, because, perhaps, in the future you will often have to see these people.
Appearance.You have to create the image of the "desired" girl. This does not mean that you need to wear the shortest skirt and show your breasts, of course not! You should dress not very defiantly, so that when he sees you, he himself draws up what he wants (guys I do this very often, so be sure it will work).
No other relationship.In any case, do not give the guy you like to think that you already have a boyfriend or that you are in love with someone. Considering that you practically do not know each other, he will most likely retreat, giving you to the opponent. But this is not at all included in your plans.
Be inconspicuous.Be inconspicuous, but at the same time do so that he himself drew attention to you. You can laugh when he is not far away, only the main thing is that the laugh should be real, not feigned. You can walk past him into the toilet room several times, but still pretend not to notice him.
Acquaintances and friends.Talk to those who know him well. Find out what exactly attracts him to women, what kind of girls he had before, what caused the breakup. Just learning about ex-girls, be extremely careful, the topic is still pretty reverent, even for friends.
Active action.After several "observations" of the object, proceed to action. The fact that he noticed you is 100%, and his curiosity torments, why don't you notice him.
A chance meeting.Here you need to react quickly. At that moment, when he passes by, drop some of his things, if he picks up, then consider this a success, because he is a gentleman, but if the girl was not interesting to him, he might not do it. In this case, thank him and introduce yourself, perhaps right now your conversation will start. If he nevertheless passed by, then act like that and continue, just do not repeat the same attempts, otherwise he may suspect something.
Smile at him.After your "chance meeting". Sooner or later he will pay attention and then just smile at him, show that you feel good in his company, that you like him, but do not get carried away, and do not let go of your escort in the person of a friend / girlfriend yet.
The fruits of effort.If you did everything right and the guy is not stupid, then now you can wait for the moment when he comes up to talk and get to know you.
He walked over.As soon as he approaches for the purpose of acquaintance, consider you have achieved the desired result, start a small conversation with him, usual, and then leave, just not at that moment, if he says something ridiculous, otherwise he will think that you are offended and will be afraid later suit.
What you shouldn't do and say.Don't joke about him, guys don't like it when almost strangers make fun of them. Never ask him what his wealth is, otherwise he will think that you have only his money on your mind. And do not tell him about your problems, do not "strain" him with them.
Talk to him about his hobbies and hobbies, behave kindly and naturally, and then he will be stunned by your mystery at one time, and openness at another.