Manufacturers offer a huge variety of watch straps: in addition to the standard leather straps, there are rubber, textile, silicone, and plastic. There are so many types of leather itself that your eyes run up! And let's talk about the different bracelets. At the beginning of the 20th century, people were wary of the idea of ??wearing a watch on the wrist.

Using bicycles, cars, planes, and other technical innovations with pocket watches is problematic. The other force that moved the watch to the wrist was the First World War. In those years, men wearing wristwatches on a strap increased significantly. And this makes sense since pocket watches are not adapted to military conditions.

Varieties of straps

Modern watch manufacturers offer us a wide variety of straps and bracelets, and the only question remains: how to choose a watch strap? Or is it a bracelet? Wrinkles and abrasions remain on the strap, but this will not happen with the bracelet. However, what's the difference? After all, if you get bored with the strap, you can replace it with a bracelet in a specialized service.

Psychologists claim that men choose the watches on the bracelet with charisma, strong character, strong-willed, and toughness. Women choose an Apple Watch Strap, not paying attention to a trifle like a strap or a bracelet. The main criterion is like / dislike. Leading designers highly recommend wearing watches and bracelets for several seasons. And many stylish girls meticulously select watch straps to make the most effective combination with several bracelets.

Choose a Watch band cum bracelet.

 Many manufacturers offer several versions of one model at once on the strap and the bracelet. If you can't choose, take a closer look at the watch, which has several interchangeable options. Apple Watch Bands are deliberately made rectangular so they can be "fit" to the size of the wrist.

Please ensure the band (bracelet) is the right size for you before purchasing. Choosing a watch strap is a real challenge for some men with wide wrists. Absolutely all brands equip watches with standard straps, but most of them also mention in the catalogs that there are XL straps to be ordered separately by the customer through authorized service centers.

Another option is to buy a non-original XL watch strap, which will be faster and often cheaper. If you are looking for a branded strap, then, as a rule, you need to choose a watch strap in a service center. The application lasts for about two months. It is much easier for a woman in this regard. There are collections - in the collections of Apple Watch Straps, there are models with long straps that can be wrapped around the wrist several times. Or a watch on a scarf can be worn as a standalone accessory.

By the way, many women's watches that claim to be an evening version, that is, Apple Watch Bands Australia are talking about models on a fabric strap, requiring special care, especially if they are light. But this, of course, is not an option for every day, so it is not so quick to wear it.