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Share some CCNA Wireless 200-355 exam questions and answers below.
Which statement about an infrastructure basic service set is true according to IEEE 802.11 specifications?
A. The set also is called an ad hoc network.
B. The BSSID is generated from the first wireless client that starts up in the IBSS.
C. The set enables the use of ESS.
D. No signals are relayed from one client to another client.
Answer: C

A customer is using the access point GUI to upgrade the software on an autonomous access point to convert it to a lightweight access point.
Which two transfer protocols are valid for conducting this transfer from the WLC? (Choose two.)
Answer: D, F

A customer has a corporate SSID that is configured to authenticate against an ACS server to validate client credentials on the corporate SSID. The customer has a firewall logically positioned on the network between the WLC and the ACS server in the network architecture.
Which port must the firewall allow to ensure that authentication can occur?
A. 43
B. 1812
C. 5146
D. 8143
Answer: B

A help desk engineer is attempting to perform a remote packet capture on the wireless network.
Which access point mode is necessary to perform this function?
A. sniffer
B. SE-Connect
C. monitor
D. rogue detector
E. FlexConnect
Answer: A

What is an interferer that an engineer may see in Cisco CleanAir?
A. microwave ovens
B. rogue APs
C. malicious clients
D. co-channel interference
Answer: A

A network engineer at a retail store needs a wireless deployment that can be easily maintained and verified for PCI compliance.
What solution will meet this need with the least work?
A. Cloud
B. Autonomous
C. FlexConnect
D. Centralized
Answer: A

A company has all IEEE 802.11a/802.11g devices; however, its network administrator recommends installing 802.11n access points to provide greater performance. Which feature on an 802.11n AP provides better performance to legacy devices?
A. channel aggregation
B. transmit beam-forming
C. maximal-ratio combining
D. spatial multiplexing
Answer: B

In the current RF environment, the noise floor is -95 dBm. A tablet needs an SNR of 25 dB to transmit at the required speed.
What must the RSSI cell edge be to meet the required SNR?
A. -120 dBm
B. -90 dBm
C. -70 dBm
D. -60 dBm
E. -50 dBm
Answer: C

The IEEE 802.11n standard provides 40-MHz channels, improved MAC efficiency, and MIMO.
Which three elements define the 802.11n implementation of MIMO? (Choose three.)
A. channel bonding
B. dynamic frequency selection
C. maximal ratio combining
D. packet aggregation
E. spatial multiplexing
F. transmit beam forming
Answer: C, E, F

After you configure the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller v7.6, a customer requests an SSID that allows for client web authentication with email input.
Which authentication method should be used?
A. pass-through
B. authentication
C. splash page web redirect
D. conditional web redirect
E. on MAC filter failure
Answer: A

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