Strung Flanges: Threaded Flanges in any case called screwed ribs have a string inside the rib bore which fits on the line with a matching male string on the line. Stainless Steel Flanges are used for extraordinary applications and can be successfully gathered without welding. Treated steel 304 hung ribs are reasonable with pipes with external strings.

Weld Neck Flanges: These spines are perceived by their projecting necks. The weld neck ribs have the very point and thickness as that of the line. Hardened Steel Weld Neck Flanges are seen as best for use in outrageous help conditions like freezing or high temperatures and high strain.

Attachment Weld Flanges: The spines are expected for use on little estimation and high-pressure piping. The connection weld ribs have inward welds which add to their sturdiness similarly to the steadiness limit. These spines are used in the manufactured dealing with industry.

Blind Flanges: The ribs are arranged without drag and are used to seal vessel openings or channeling structures. Blind Flanges are extraordinary for use where the channeling systems or vessels require a predictable audit. The outwardly weakened spines can be given or without focus. This SS 304 Blind Flanges can without a very remarkable stretch handle high tension caused as a result of inside strain.

Ring-Type Joint Flanges: These spines are used for high strain and temperature applications. The ring-type joint ribs have an uncommonly arranged woodland that can be successfully compacted on blind, slip-on, or weld neck spine. The ribs help in avoiding spillages in pipelines where media is moved at high pressure and high temperature.