Online gambling is mysterious in itself. What might look like a 6 to you may look like a 9 to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that it still remains a number. Slots are the big kahunas of gambling and have always been a favorite with players. Gamblers all around the world have got a special place for these little bandits in their hearts because these are the easiest to play and can make you insanely rich in a matter of few swings. Because of this craze, many top online casinos have also embraced slots openly.

One of the pioneers in the development of online slots is the highly reputed gaming software giant, Microgaming.  Microgaming has invested a lot in these games and is providing players with superior user experience with their titles. Some of their most powerful products are:

The Dark Knight Rises

It is almost impossible to separate iconic movies from slots and Microgaming is undoubtedly a master of this art. The game is as exciting and appealing as the movie was. First up, the soundtrack of the game is heart pounding and adds immensely to the element of fun. The game can be found on multiple top online casinos as players are in love with the Joker. A number of great bonuses also make it a perfect choice for all of us and the gaming experience goes way beyond expectations.

Avalon 2 - Quest for the Grail

We just love this game and all the features including bonuses associated with it are just AWESOME! In a nutshell Avalon 2: The Quest for the Grail, is a blockbuster in each and every sense. The 3D animated characters and a decent storyline will keep you entertained for long hours. This game has a special place, primarily because of the ease and engaging effect. If you are looking for a complete package, then this one surely deserves your attention.  

Jungle Jim

It wasn’t too long ago that the adventurous ride of Jungle Jim took the whole gaming community by storm. This innovative 25- line slot takes you into the deep of the forest in search of the fables El Dorado. Our Jim is tech savvy and has the latest gadgets by his side. We recommend you to try this one out for a mind blowing experience.


Microgaming is the guru of slot games and they churn out amazing and unique games on a conveyor belt. Yet, there is no compromise in quality, in fact, their newer games are highly engaging. Their forte has always been slot machine games. Some of the best USA online casinos keep their players entertained by providing multiple slot games from Microgaming.