With managed services, you can simply get in the way to avoid staff augmentation. As we all know, running a business with an in-house IT staff to perform different tasks and responsibilities can simply cost you a lot of money. This proves to be something crippling on your part especially when your business is a small or a medium-sized one.

There are actually many different things that make MSP truly different from an augmented IT staff and this is something that you will learn from here.

Staff Augmentation Model

The following are the things that you will most likely see and encounter when you tend to augment your business’ staff:

· The supplier tends to commit itself in providing resources of well-defined capabilities with a corresponding price.

· No service delivery commitments are ever expected to be essentially relative to outputs.

· Commitments of staff members are known to be very limited.

· Customers are expected to do the delivery model which also includes individual subcontractors, tools and processes.

· There is no charge to a customer-operating model.

· Knowledge and skills are expected to be vested on the worker.

· All delivery risks remain with the client.

With all these things that you can expect from an in-house staff, you also need to know that in-house employees are also committed to provide an input.

Managed Services Model

After you have learned about the augmented staff model, you may now take the time to learn of the various things that you will most likely see and enjoy when you make use of the services offered by an MSP:

· Supplier assumes the responsibility of controlling all parts of the execution of an IT component.

· Service delivery commitments are tagged as ‘service levels.’

· Comes with a committed term and scope.

· Pricing is commonly based on service levels and service volumes whenever necessary.

· Supplier works as a managed delivery model which also includes tools and processes.

· Impacted workers; contracts and assets may be transitioned to a supplier wherein the supplier needs to come up with the capability to deliver.

· Knowledge that is imparted is usually transferrable and documented. This is a musty among all providers of managed services today.

· It is the supplier who assumes the risk of operations and transitions.

All the more, a provider of managed solutions and services is committed to deliver an outcome, not an input which is common to augmented in-house personnel.

Now you know the reasons why the services of an MSP are a much better option than augmenting your business’ IT staff.