Perhaps anal games are not suitable for everyone, although those who crave new sensations certainly get them.

Today we’ll talk about anal sex toys with which you can replenish your collection. You just have to choose, grease and enjoy.

Anal balls

Quite a lot of people prefer anal balls. As a rule, they are made of silicone and are interconnected by a thread or the same silicone. Use them as follows: the balls are inserted one after the other into the vagina or anus, and then gently stretched, which brings an unforgettable sensation.

No matter what opponents of anal sex in a man’s face say, even men use anal balls, they stimulate the prostate and during orgasm, they can lift you from the 7th heaven of pleasures to the 77th. Of course, if you do not mind.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are made specifically for anal use. They differ from conventional dildos in that they have a tapering limb and a wide base or long lace.

This is done so that during anal games you do not accidentally “lose” the cork somewhere inside. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use those dildos for anal games that are designed for these purposes. Then you do not have to go to the doctor with piquant requests to get an unusual object from the anus.

In the ctrc ijg, the assortment of butt plugs and dildos will make you confused. If you are new, we recommend that you purchase small butt plugs, or a set of plugs of different sizes, and already try what you and your partner like best.

Anal vibrators

Anal vibrators are somewhat reminiscent of dildos and come in various forms. Sometimes, it’s even hard to immediately understand that this is a vibrator. But no matter what they remind you of or whatever they may seem, the distinguishing feature of the vibrators is either the cord that leads to the battery pack, or the base of the vibrator itself has a battery connector.

Sets of anal sex toys

With such a huge assortment of anal sex toys, even knowing what exactly you want, it is quite difficult to choose something suitable. Not to mention those who are just beginning to learn the basics of anal games. It was for such purposes that they came up with sets of anal intimate toys. What is the catch? Yes, there is no catch.

Anal sets of toys are exactly for this and are designed to make it easier for you to choose and decide. As a rule, sets include several types of nozzles for a vibrator, anal balls and so on. In general, the whole set of novice anal sex lover. Moreover, the price of a set will be lower than if you decide to buy everything separately.

We hope we have helped you a little with the choice of one or another anal toys.