This mineral is imported from South East Asia by Commodities NZ Ltd. Because of its unique property's Zeolite has many uses depending on it's grade and blending. CLINOPTILOLITE ZEOLITE is a naturally occurring crystallized volcanic mineral. Scientifically speaking, Zeolite is a natural volcanic material with a unique crystalline lattice structure and classified as “hydrated aluminosilicate”. Unscientifically speaking that means they're crystals made from hydrogen, oxygen, aluminium and silicon. When volcanoes erupted their ash on to the lakes thousands of years ago, the resulting chemical reaction of ash and alkaline water altered the ash into various forms of Zeolite crystals.If what you are seeking is a place to buy Zeolite NZ than there are several vendors on the web these days that are involved in the selling of quality charcoal and other such elements that help you enjoy a beautiful meal after all the hard work and efforts that have been made by you. Charcoal is easily available in the e-stores as well as in the physical stores at cost-effective rates. They are usually stocked in a pyramid fashion. Spread out the heated charcoal evenly all around the grill to enjoy the best barbecued food ever.Food is cooked directly on a grill, a grill pan or a griddle depending on the type of food being grilled. Direct heat grilling can expose food to the required temperatures. Grilled food retains a distinctive roast aroma and flavor. In a grill, charcoal briquettes or all-natural lump are used as fuel. When burned, coal is transformed into embers radiating the heat required for cooking. In the market today, many grill configurations are available. Some grills may be shaped as square, round or rectangular, some have Charcoal NZ while others do not have.There are specifically made barbecue grills available in the market that makes use of the charcoal as the main source of heat generation in order to cook the meat thoroughly from inside out. The form, pattern and size of the grills may vary from place to place. Thus depending upon your requirement you can pick up a size that can cater to your family needs. To ensure that the meat is well cooked and has that peculiar aroma, it must be cooked on low heat over supreme quality Charcoal NZ. Following the step by step guide of the barbecue meat helps you bring forth onto the table something amazing not only in looks but at the same time in taste too.