Select area - Before aircon installation, you first select the area of install the aircon. the place is very important for buying an air conditioner. 


Select Which type of aircon you want to Install - Various aircon types have in these days. But more prefer split and centralized aircon type. 

Split for home, centralized for commercial. Select which type of aircon you want based on your location.


Select Correct BTU size of aircon - Before aircon buying, you should know the BTU Based on location. The correct BTU size of aircon will avoid installation struggles and save electric bills. And You could also get advice from experts to get the correct BTU size of aircon.


Select Top aircon brand - Choose the top aircon brand for these years. Nowadays so many aircon brands have in the market but you should buy an aircon for energy-saving and features aircon brand. In Singapore, the top suggestion aircon brand is Daikin, Mitsubishi, Midea, and Panasonic.


Do site survey by best aircon servicing company - Before aircon installation, you should do a Site survey by experts to know the brand, installation materials, etc., The best aircon servicing company provides site surveys to help customers and provide the best aircon installation.


Cool Care is one of the best aircon installation companies. Can get a free site survey, free installation, and more privileges by engaging with Cool care. 

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