“WalletConnect”- you may confuse it with a crypto wallet, but it is not the case. Yes! As its name suggests, this is like a protocol, which is used to connect a crypto wallet with a Dapp as well it is used to make a secure connection between two Decentralized apps.

In a nutshell, it is an open-source protocol of web 3.0 that allows its user to make a quick connection with another dApp or crypto wallet.

Why do we use such protocols? Well! This might be running through your mind, so allow me to elaborate further what is the usage of Wallet Connect.

Usage of Wallet Connect

If you are worried about the security of your wallet, let me tell you that WalletConnect ensures the confidentiality of your data available on the crypto wallets or Dapps. In order to ensure security, the linking process involved the generation of private keys which are initially provided to one end only and then from this end, one can send it to the other end for approval. The connection will only be established after successful approval from both ends.

After establishing a secure connection, users can avail of the facility of deposit or withdrawal from decentralized apps, transferring funds from the wallet to dapps, online casinos and other facilities based on a decentralized network.

Hopefully, now you’ve got a notion about this web 3.0-based open-source protocol WalletConnect as we’ve covered the basics you need to know such as what is it and how it works, so now we will move ahead by taking a deep dive into the benefits of using WalletConnect.

Beneficial aspects of Wallet Connect

The process of establishing a connection through this open-source protocol is easy as pie, after owning it, you will be able to experience several benefits, some of the major ones are listed below.

No extension or additional software required: You’ll get happier by knowing that you’ll not need to install any third-party software or extension in order to utilize WalletConnect on your PC. You can enjoy all of its functionalities just by choosing it on your Dapp or Wallet while making the transaction.Easy-going interface: Either you are tech-savvy or not, you’ll not get any obstacles in making a connection between dapps using Wallet Connect. No coding knowledge or complex process is required.Multiplatform support: Can you be the beneficiary of WalletConnect if you are a mobile user? What do you think?

Yes, of course! This software is available as an app for both iOS and Android devices.

Free-of-cost software: I’d say this is the most significant beneficial aspect of WalletConnect, either you want to use it on your mobile or PC, you can avail of all of its amenities free of cost. No hacking risk: As I have driven in the get-go of this read, this software is quite safe and prevents your data from getting hacked.

Final Thought!

Using WalletConnect open-source protocol, you can make a secure connection between the wallet and Dapps to accomplish secure transfers. There are so many other facets of Wallet Connect which are able to catch the eyes of traders mentioned in this write-up. Since you’ve made it this far, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the comprehensive read and found it useful to make a decision about opting for this Wallet Connect platform.