You might have familiar with the MetaMask as a crypto wallet which basically it is, but do you know that you can also swap your coins using the same platform?

Well! If you were not familiar with this feature of the MetaMask wallet, this is the time to trade with the coins of your interest by swapping available coins. One more thing you need to know before beginning swapping is you can earn rewards also by swapping via the MetaMask platform. Make sure you have performed the MetaMask log in successfully before swapping as you can’t swap without MetaMask sign in.

MetaMask has made the swapping quite straightforward and convenient in comparison to other traditional swapping platforms. It doesn’t only reduce the number of steps but also reduces the amount of exposure of third parties smart contracts to obtain tokens.

We will explore the essential terms that you should know before beginning the swap using MetaMask later on. First, we will look at the list of the tokens that MetaMask supports for swapping.

Currently available assets to swap

Ethereum MainnetBNB Smart ChainAvalanche C-ChainPolygonOptimism Arbitrum.

Essentials to learn about MetaMask swap

As I have elucidated earlier that the process to perform the MetaMask swap is quite straightforward, so you are just a few steps away to swap your coins using MetaMask. I would like to suggest that you should be familiar with slippage, and custom tokens before proceeding further, and then take the actions stated below.

Open your MetaMask App or MetaMask extension first.Perform the MetaMask log in further; the process is also known as unlocking.You will be needed to enter the MetaMask sign in login credentials there to get the access to your account.After landing on the home page of the MetaMask, look for a rectangular button named “Swap”.Click on it and you will be taken to the swap page of MetaMask.Pick up the coin that you desire to spend for swap and provide the amount.Under the amount, locate the dropdown icon asking about the token you are interested in acquiring. Smash the “Get Quotes” button finally and you are done.

The Bottom Line!

The idea of earning through rewards along with storing purchased coins securely is extremely beneficial and propelled investors to opt for the MetaMask wallet. Make sure, you have already created your wallet on the MetaMask platform and jotted down the seed phrase safely. And, after this, you can be the beneficiary of this swap feature after performing the MetaMask log in With Password. MetaMask not only provides a swap facility, but you can buy and transfer cryptocurrencies as well.