Diabetes is a chronic illness; almost half of Indians suffer from it. Also, India has been ranked second after China, affecting people's health more drastically. Hence, it is apparent that India is alarming, and a call for action is needed, especially for couples looking to plan for a baby. And for that, we are back again with this article to signify the details of infertility and what should be done to fight it when you have diabetes.

How is it essential to plan for a baby when you have infertility?

If you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it is essential to consult your doctor in the state when you are looking to plan for a baby. Dealing with diabetes not only brings you poor health and enhances various risks but also lowers your chances of getting pregnant successfully and leads to numerous complications, such as miscarriage and failure to deliver a healthy baby.

Hence, if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you need to be as healthy as possible to conceive. Pregnancy comes with more complicated risks. It changes your body, and the way hormones change, but if you have diabetes, the risk gets higher for you and the baby in your womb. Hence, to avoid the risks arising from diabetes in your pregnancy, you simply need to consult the best specialist and change your lifestyle to reduce the risk. 

How to prepare yourself for pregnancy when you suffer from type 1 & 2 diabetes?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is consult with your doctor when you suffer from diabetes infertility, as conceiving with a diabetic husband increases significant risks in your normal pregnancy and can create complications for the upcoming baby’s health and your health too. And in some rare cases, it is found that diabetes alone leads to infertility. To fight it, you must prepare by making specific changes as follows.

Examine your blood glucose levels: It is necessary to get your glucose levels under control right before conceiving because the first eight weeks of pregnancy are legitimately crucial to maintain, and a high or low blood glucose level can affect your health drastically and persuade you into the never-ending situation of diabetes infertility. Therefore, start monitoring your blood glucose more effectively when you prepare to conceive. To overcome the negative impacts caused by diabetes in your blood.

Consume higher doses of folic acid:: Women suffering from diabetes infertility and planning to get pregnant should need to take folic acid to prevent the higher risk of delivering a baby with diabetes. However, it is also advised to consult your doctor regarding the accurate dosage you need to take, as the complications vary from woman to woman.

Check your lifestyle-- You simply have to prepare your body to fight diabetes and infertility.

Stop smoking, Maintain a healthy diet, Include more physical activities in your life, Have a healthy BMI, Avoid consumption of alcohol, drugs, and caffeine 

Get your eyes and kidneys checked- Undergo an overall health checkup for your welfare. In particular, get your eyes and kidneys checked to make sure there aren’t any concerns left about having a healthy pregnancy. Your eyes and kidneys are at higher risk because pregnancy puts excessive pressure on the normal blood vessels and impacts significantly negatively on your health condition. Hence, it is advised to check your blood sugar level every trimester.

Is there any treatment to plan for a baby when suffering from diabetes infertility?

Yes! Due to the advancement of technology in the healthcare sector, there are effective treatments to cure infertility or diabetes. You can simply prepare your body for success by taking medications and making noticeable changes in your lifestyle. Still, if you are experiencing infertility, you should seek In-vitro fertilization treatment as soon as possible! This treatment works as your only hope when planning for a healthy baby while combating the chronic illness of diabetes and infertility. In this treatment, fertilization occurs outside the human body when an egg and a sperm combine in a petri dish inside a modern laboratory.

Hence, it is apparent to consult the top-fertility expert of the best IVF center in Pune. Where fertility experts not only look out for your physical health but also take care of your mental health so that you can have an unforgettable experience throughout the whole IVF journey.