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Share some IBM Certified Specialist C9020-561 exam questions and answers below.<br />
A prospective customer has two non-IBM storage systems in production which have the maximum allowable configuration of disk drives. These systems have not been fully depreciated and must remain in production.Which advantage of the Storwize family of products should be discussed with the customer to address this situation? <br />
A. Integrated storage environments simplify system management tasks and improve security. <br />
B. Autonomic capabilities improve availability and responsiveness to help protect data as storage needs grow. <br />
C. Storage virtualization helps in making complexity nearly transparent and offers a composite view of storage assets. <br />
D. Consolidating the systems into locations with fewer and more powerful storage pools help increase IT efficiency and simplify the infrastructure. <br />
Answer: C<br />
<br />
What should be part of the first discussion with the storage pre-sales technical person when the customer needs to maintain availability of data during repeated physical infrastructure changes? <br />
A. A backup strategy <br />
B. Disaster recovery strategy <br />
C. Data retention requirements <br />
D. Data migration between devices <br />
Answer: D <br />
<br />
A customer has two data centers located 15 kilometers apart. One site is for production and the other is a DR hot site. In an effort to maximize the life span of the storage subsystems, equipment retired at the production site is put into service at the hot site. This has led to a heterogeneous storage environment across both locations and complexity in keeping the data synchronized and uncorrupted.Which aspect of virtualization within the Storwize family should be emphasized by the pre-sales storage person to enable this disaster recovery plan? <br />
A. A single set of advanced copy services <br />
B. Consolidation to a single pool of storage <br />
C. Ease transition to an on-demand IT infrastructure <br />
D. Significantly reduced planned and unplanned downtime <br />
Answer: A<br />
<br />
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<br />
Customer Environment and Plans (28%)<br />
Product Information (44%)<br />
Resources and Tools (19%)<br />
Hybrid Cloud and Analytics Concepts (9%)<br />
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