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The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 requires which activity?

A. Delivery of an annual notice detailing how subscriber information is to be usedB. Destruction of personal information a maximum of six months after it is no longer neededC. Obtaining subscriber consent for disseminating any personal information necessary to render cable servicesD. Notice to subscribers of any investigation involving unauthorized reception of cable services

Answer: D


Looking back at your first two years as the Director of Personal Information Protection and Compliance for the Berry Country Regional Medical Center in Thorn Bay, Ontario, Canada, you see a parade of accomplishments, from developing state-of-the-art simulation based training for employees on privacy protection to establishing an interactive medical records system that is accessible by patients as well as by the medical personnel. Now, however, a question you have put off looms large: how do we manage all the data-not only records produced recently, but those still on hand from years ago? A data flow diagram generated last year shows multiple servers, databases, and work stations, many of which hold files that have not yet been incorporated into the new records system. While most of this data is encrypted, its persistence may pose security and compliance concerns. The situation is further complicated by several long-term studies being conducted by the medical staff using patient information. Having recently reviewed the major Canadian privacy regulations, you want to make certain that the medical center is observing them.
You also recall a recent visit to the Records Storage Section, often termed "The Dungeon" in the basement of the old hospital next to the modern facility, where you noticed a multitude of paper records. Some of these were in crates marked by years, medical condition or alphabetically by patient name, while others were in undifferentiated bundles on shelves and on the floor. The back shelves of the section housed data tapes and old hard drives that were often unlabeled but appeared to be years old. On your way out of the dungeon, you noticed just ahead of you a small man in a lab coat who you did not recognize. He carried a batch of folders under his arm, apparently records he had removed from storage.
Which regulation most likely applies to the data stored by Berry Country Regional Medical Center?

A. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents ActB. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActC. The European Union Directive 95/46/ECD. The Health Records Act 2001

Answer: A


Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
Larry has become increasingly dissatisfied with his telemarketing position at SunriseLynx, and particularly with his supervisor, Evan. Just last week, he overheard Evan mocking the state's Do Not Call list, as well as the people on it. "If they were really serious about not being bothered," Evan said, "They'd be on the national DNC list. That's the only one we're required to follow. At SunriseLynx, we call until they ask us not to." Bizarrely, Evan requires telemarketers to keep records of recipients who ask them to call "another time." This, to Larry, is a clear indication that they don't want to be called at all. Evan doesn't see it that way.
Larry believes that Evan's arrogance also affects the way he treats employees. The U.S. Constitution protects American workers, and Larry believes that the rights of those at SunriseLynx are violated regularly. At first Evan seemed friendly, even connecting with employees on social medi a. However, following Evan's political posts, it became clear to Larry that employees with similar affiliations were the only ones offered promotions.
Further, Larry occasionally has packages containing personal-use items mailed to work. Several times, these have come to him already opened, even though this name was clearly marked. Larry thinks the opening of personal mail is common at SunriseLynx, and that Fourth Amendment rights are being trampled under Evan's leadership.
Larry has also been dismayed to overhear discussions about his coworker, Sadie. Telemarketing calls are regularly recorded for quality assurance, and although Sadie is always professional during business, her personal conversations sometimes contain sexual comments. This too is something Larry has heard Evan laughing about. When he mentioned this to a coworker, his concern was met with a shrug. It was the coworker's belief that employees agreed to be monitored when they signed on. Although personal devices are left alone, phone calls, emails and browsing histories are all subject to surveillance. In fact, Larry knows of one case in which an employee was fired after an undercover investigation by an outside firm turned up evidence of misconduct. Although the employee may have stolen from the company, Evan could have simply contacted the authorities when he first suspected something amiss.
Larry wants to take action, but is uncertain how to proceed.
Which act would authorize Evan's undercover investigation?

A. The Stored Communications Act (SCA)B. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)C. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)D. The Whistleblower Protection Act

Answer: B