Finally, you have selected the final candidate for the delivery management software developer job position. What’s your next move? Schedule the job interview and ask these vital questions to ensure you only hire an expert developer.

Question #1 – What type of version control you use?

For those of you who don’t have a clue on “version control”, this is used to monitor if there are changes in the code. You will know if the prospective software developer has specialization in this area if he or she is fully aware of the version control and can mention a few types. Among the popular choice is the Git.

Question #2 – How do you detect bugs?

A knowledgeable delivery management software developer should have relevant experience in detecting bugs. During the one-on-one job interview ask the developer about the process of verifying the existence of bugs. If the software developer can narrate with confidence the cycle of tracking bugs and doing the necessary fixes, then, you are dealing with a real gem who can be an asset to your software development projects.

Question #3 – Who will perform the testing?

This is another vital question that you should ask your potential software developer, “Who will perform the testing?” A prominent software developer has already a team of testers whom he or she can call anytime to do testing of the delivery management software.

Question #4 –Are your working experiences updated with latest trends in the marketplace?

The more experience and recent are the methodologies of a prospective software developer, the higher the chances of you receiving high quality software product that meets quality assurance standards. If your candidate can show proofs of successful software projects in today’s advanced technology, you are indeed investing wisely if you will hire this person. Every wage you pay to this guy once hired will commensurate with an excellent output.

Question #5 – What is your mode of communication?

Communication is also important in a software project, especially if it requires days or months before the final software product is developed and tested. I suggest you inquire with your potential software developer the method of communicating like emails, video calls or via phone. Assess also the level of his or her conversational skills. If the software developer can clearly explain the terms without confusing the client, this is a sign you are hiring a person who can work alongside your vision and that’s to put the customer first.

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