To my knowledge, this is the only article on the internet that ranks excavator brands in order from what I consider to be best to worst. So if you're looking to buy an excavator for your job site or construction project, check out my list of the 5 best excavator brands.

Caterpillar excavators

Cat excavators are built to give you the best return on your investment. From the easy-to-use intuitive controls, comfortable cab and improved fuel economy to the robust frames, powerful arm and bucket digging forces, these excavators will give you all you ask for and more.

The Cat® 300 Series Excavator provides you with more working advantages, whether you need more digging depth, more power, greater reach, more lift capacity, higher breakout force or more swing torque.

The Cat® Next Generation Excavators offer a range of benefits including reduced noise levels inside and outside the cabin, 6% improvement in fuel efficiency and 8% better rimpull. There's also an auto engine idle feature that automatically shuts down the engine when there is no hydraulic activity for a period of time.

Hitachi excavators

Hitachi excavators has been manufacturing equipment for more than 100 years, and is a well-regarded brand throughout the world. The company's excavators are used in many industries, including construction and mining.

Hitachi manufactures a wide range of excavator types and sizes. Their smallest model weighs 5,500 pounds and has an 18-foot digging depth. There are also models that weigh as much as 263,000 pounds and have a digging depth of 50 feet.

Excavators have tracks or wheels and are used to dig holes, trenches or foundations. They are also used to move materials such as dirt, gravel or demolition debris.

Hitachi's excavators have an operating weight of 5,500 to 263,000 pounds. Their bucket capacity ranges from 0.1 to 62 cubic yards, with a maximum load of 40 tons (80,000 pounds). Their maximum dig depth ranges from 18 to 50 feet.

Kubota excavators

Kubota excavators combine maneuverability, power and reliability with economy to help you haul away more pay dirt on every job. From the ultra-compact KX018-4 to the workhorse KX080 excavator, Kubota has a wide range of excavators to meet the needs of any construction job. Our conventional tail swing models offer increased side and lifting stability, while the minimum tail swing models are the ideal choice for jobs in tight quarters with no room for wasted movement.

Kubota's compact excavator lineup begins at 1.7-tonnes and comes crawler or wheeled in standard or reduced tail swing with rubber tracks or tires. All models include a hydraulic thumb that increases versatility and productivity by allowing you to easily grasp and control objects.

komatsu excavators

The Komatsu excavator is the industry standard for heavy construction and earth moving. KOMTRAX, a global remote monitoring and machine management system, is standard on all Komatsu excavators and provides key data to help manage equipment, saving time and money.

KOMTRAX remotely monitors your equipment from anywhere in the world and records activity such as idle time, fuel consumption, engine load, work hours, location, hazards encountered and more. This information can be used to help you make informed decisions about your fleet management. KOMTRAX also provides theft protection by sending an alert if unauthorized movement of your machine occurs.

Komatsu excavators are built with the needs of contractors in mind. With multiple working modes and power modes available, our intelligent hydraulic system allows operators to work more efficiently while reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Komatsu’s new hydraulic excavators feature advanced technology that add comfort and ease of operation to keep productivity high and operating costs low. The combination of new machines and services improve fleet management and productivity while reducing costs per tonne.

Volvo excavators

Volvo has a range of hydraulic excavators that are suitable for digging, digging in soft rock and working with ground improvement equipment. The Volvo EC140C and the larger EC210CL are the best low-weight, high-performance excavators in their class. They have a relatively low fuel consumption (compared to other brands) and provide the best possible reliability.

The new Volvo EC140E excavator has a high comfort level and is equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology. The Volvo EC460B and Volvo EC480D offer a wide range of uses and can be used for both large and small construction projects.

The 5 best excavator brands on the market

Excavators are truly a vital part of the construction process. They allow builders to have so much more freedom when it comes to working on their sites. If you're looking for a new excavator and don't know where to start, it's a great idea to start by checking out these 5 best excavator brands on the market!