In the 21st century, stress has become synonymous with our lives. Be it work or your home, stress is fast becoming a constant companion in our everyday lives. 


But did you know that this stress can harm your fertility? In the last few years, it has been recorded that about 30% of infertility cases have occurred due to stress factors. It's time to improve the chances of conceiving by systematically eradicating stress. Being the best fertility specialist in Siliguri, let's understand the root causes of stress and how it affects infertility. 


What is stress?

Stress is an emotional and physical feeling of tension. Stress comes from any emotional outbursts, feelings of sporadic anger. A lot of factors are responsible for stress. Factors like highly demanding jobs, an urgency to meet deadlines, monetary issues, or personal problems can cause stress. 


Now that we have a clear idea about stress and what factors are responsible for it, let the best fertility Specialist in Siliguri discuss the habits you may develop because of stress and how it can influence your infertility. 


What are the Habits that you develop due to stress?

Sleeping IrregularitiesAbstaining from healthy eating habits Too much exercise AlcoholismDrinking highly caffeinated drinksSmoking 


These habits can influence your fertility in a big way. Let us see how


Sleeping Irregularities


In the 21st century, staying awake till midnight and waking up early has become the general lifestyle. This sleep cycle is affecting your physical health. And it is also affecting your fertility.


Extensive research has shown that women sleeping less than six hours suffer from obesity problems. Obesity increases the chances of pregnancy problems and can also cause miscarriage.


Irregular sleeping patterns can also increase the chances of irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation can increase the chances of pregnancy-related problems.


Abstaining from healthy eating habits


Stress often influences eating habits. The urge to eat pizza, burgers, fries becomes trumps the intake of healthy food. This unhealthy food intake causes problems like obesity.


 Now obesity has a direct link with fertility-related problems. And it is not just about female infertility. Obesity also affects male infertility( obesity notably reduces sperm production).


On the other hand some cope with stress by following extreme diet regimes. These diets can make a person underweight which then influences fertility. Being underweight can influence menstrual cycles and can also affect ovulation. And if ovulation is affected, then it will cause fertility issues. 


Too much exercise.

Exercising can help control stress levels. It helps your mind cope with stress and helps you maintain a healthy body. But maintaining a balance is important.


Too many workouts can affect your fertility in a big way. Studies have revealed that women who over-exercise, have a 40% reduced chance of conceiving.   



Alcoholism may seem like an easy gateway to avoid stress. You might be thinking ' how can a drink now and then affect my fertility?


Recent studies have shown that women who indulge in alcoholism have a higher chance of miscarriages. Alcoholism also affects male fertility by affecting sperm count.


Drinking highly caffeinated drinks


A good cup of coffee seems to melt away the tension and stress. But unfortunately, caffeine hurts fertility. In recent studies, it has been observed that couples who indulge in heavy caffeine intake suffer from lower chances of conceiving.

Too much caffeine intake can also cause miscarriages.




Stress often leads men and women into smoking. But smoking also has adverse effects on fertility. 


Women face higher chances of fallopian tube blockage, egg damage, and cervical cancer.

Men face chances of lowering sperm quality. This development eventually brings down the chances of a successful conceiving.


We think it is clear enough how these habits can alter and influence your fertility. Now let us discuss how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and fertility. 


Get at least 7 hours of sleep.This will surely refresh your mind and will keep your body healthy. Abstain from smoking and alcoholism because these may momentarily provide you relief, but your health will pay the price.Limit your caffeine consumption.Maintain a balance while exercising.Indulge in a balanced diet- for a healthy body.


Following these lifestyle choices can help you lead a healthy life. These practices will also ensure that your fertility remains unaffected. 

And for fertility-related queries consult the best fertility specialist in Siliguri, today!