We have all experienced pain in our life. People seek medical help when they are affected by pain. But cancer pain is a bit different. For people with newly diagnosed with cancer, it doesn’t cause any pain. But as a matter of fact, many people fear when they are diagnosed with cancer.

When cancer progresses, pain becomes a concern. Not every person experiences the pain same way. People with cancer can experience pain at any stage but are mostly affected by pain during the advanced stage of cancer. To overcome cancer pain, you can rely upon pain management in Siliguri.

Sometimes, physical pain may be accompanied by impaired or loss of function, and, or any other physical change functions. People with cancer either have pain from the disease itself or as a side effect of cancer treatment. Different factors of pain include the following:

·        Acute pain

·        Chronic pain

·        Nerve pain

·        Bone pain

·        Soft tissue pain

·        Phantom pain

·        Referred pain

·        Breakthrough pain

What Are The Symptoms Of Cancer?

·        Fatigue

·        Hoarseness

·        Lump under the skin

·        Certain weight changes

·        Skin changes

·        Changes in bowel

·        Persistent cough

·        Trouble breathing

·        Difficulty swallowing

·        Persistent indigestion

·        Unexplained muscle pain

·        Persistent fevers

·        Unexplained bleeding

What Can Cause Cancer Pain?

·        When cancer itself presses on tissues or nerves, bone, or an organ nearby then you can feel pain

·        When a part of the body is blocked by cancer, you can feel pain

·        Sometimes, surgery can cause nerve or tissue damage in the area and you may feel pain

·        Using radiotherapy can damage the skin or nerves in the treated area and you may feel pain

·        Side effects of anti-cancer drugs, such as a sore mouth, nerve damage, or muscle or joint stiffness can cause pain

·        Side effects of cancer treatment that do not improve after treatment can cause pain

How To Reduce The Risks Of Cancer?

·        Eat a healthy diet

·        30 minutes workout

·        Maintain a healthy weight

·        Quit smoking

·        Stop drinking alcohol

·        Avoid sun exposure

·        Schedule cancer screening tests

·        Consult an oncologist for pain management

What Are The Possible Options To Treat Cancer?

·        Surgery

·        Chemotherapy

·        Radiation therapy

·        Immunotherapy

·        Hormone therapy

·        Targeted drug therapy

·        Bone marrow transplant

In general, the deadly disease cancer involves chronic pain that can severely affect and damage a person's quality of life and also prevent them from returning to their daily life or participating in physical activity.

Breakthrough pain is a short, sharp, and sudden pain that occurs during the period between pain medication doses. It is usually the same as the person’s chronic pain. Commonly associated with cancer, bone pain affects the structure and the function of one or more bones.

A sharp, shooting, burning, or stabbing cancer pain is also known as nerve pain that is simply caused by nerve damage. To overcome this, get in touch with an oncologist to get the best pain management in Siliguri.

The ultimate goal of cancer treatment including pain management is to cure the disease in a complete manner to give the ultimate relief to the patient through primary, adjuvant, and palliative treatment. With a proper pain management process, you will be able to get relieved from cancer pain.