Claire Roets: About them

Claire Roets is a famous make-up and accessories manufacturing company that also has its own make-up line. Claire Roets is a Brazilian business entity, starting out in 1943, recently has converted into a MultiNational Company, with its huge success and constant expansion. Thus, Claire Roets Team decided to take a step further and expand in Bangladesh. 

However, they came across a few issues mentioned below, the team also found effective solutions and overcame those issues. Below, we have mentioned descriptively their entire journey. 

Their Requirements

There were several major requirements that Claire Roet’s Team Required. Here, we mention a few notable ones.

These are: 

Well managed virtual office workspace for rent/remote virtual office for lease

Premium virtual secretary services

Virtual office receptionist services

Virtual office setup/virtual office locations

Virtual office for business registration

Team management, managerial services

Professional Virtual Address

Their Problems

Finding the ideal virtual workspace/office space with all required services wasn’t the easiest job. It was extremely difficult to put together all the prioritized services and equipment. The team had a planned period of the team to accomplish their project and start operating successfully. 

Here we have listed down a few of the problems:

Legal Documentation and Address Issues 

Problems with teamwork and management

Lack of proper customer care and call management

The Solutions

However, the team finally hit relief with the right help. They had reached out to Ecommerce BD, explained their requirements, budget, and problems. 

This is how our team helped them: 

Firstly: Our Virtual Office Space Recruiting Agent Stepped in, they had set up and finalized a virtual office with virtual conference rooms, a virtual office for business registration, team management tools. They had also located a professional and reputed virtual address for their team.

Secondly: Our Expert Team Of lawyers stepped in, they operated the registration process and supervised the virtual address recruitment while managing the legal documentation.

Goals Achieved

Overall Revenue Increased by 76%

45% Increase in market share

Customer Call/Websites Clicks Increased by 65%

Expense Decreased By 19%

25% increase in employee productivity