We pack outfits that match our destination. Something you’d be comfortable in. So, why not also keep food items that maintain your health and fitness? It is essential to keep food items that you can munch on during traveling but also that keep you healthy. You can get most of these items from ReadyWise using the ReadyWise discount code to get a hefty discount.


READYWISE - Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch ($5.98)

Best on-the-go breakfast pouch. This contains 2.5 servings and is resealable. Since they are lightweight, it is easy to carry them around for any outdoor adventure. All you have to do is just add water to the pouch, and you can directly eat it.


READYWISE - Trail Treats Cookie Dough Snacks ($4.99)

If craving for cookies, these seem to be another best option for that. Contains serving for two and is resealable. Since this is lightweight, it is very easy to carry and can be used when traveling. You can eat it directly from the pouch.


READYWISE - 3 Day Adventure Bag ($79.99)

ReadyWise now provides a three-day adventure backpack containing a convenient packed 10-liter dry bag with six meals, three breakfasts, and three snacks. This pouch is effortlessly transported on any outdoor trip. Add only water, and you can eat from the pouch straight. This includes:

?       2 Appalachian Apple Cinnamon Cereal Pouches

?       1 Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch Pouch

?       1 Simple Kitchen Strawberries & Banana Pouch

?       1 Simple Kitchen Apple Slices Pouch

?       2 Old Country Pasta Alfredo with Chicken Pouches

?       1 Golden Fields Mac & Cheese Pouch

?       1 Treeline Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Noodles

?       1 Trailhead Noodles and Beef Pouch

?       1 Still Lake Lasagna with Sausage Pouch

?       1 Desert High Chilli Mac with Beef Pouch

?       1 Chocolate Royale Shake Pouch


Nuts or Trail Mix

Nuts are one tasty way of adding protein to your system with the benefit of something sweet like M&M’s in it. Instead of wasting money when you’re slightly hungry. Go for a Nuts or a Trail Mix bag that could save you some bucks.

Protein Bars

This seems like a go-to option for any situation. When you’re slightly hungry or when you are running late in the morning. It can also be carried around while traveling since it contains protein and can be fulling any time of the day.

Nobody wants to hang around, not to mention someone who's around. Because journeys and trips might be unforeseeable and when your next meal will come you never know when it is always advisable to keep healthy food items with you when traveling. Good luck!