As one of the fastest growing online local media companies in Nigeria, MOSDEF Global Services enables small & medium scale businesses(SME’s) to enhance their digital media presence and consistently reach consumers in their local markets.Our value as a company is the result of a powerful combination of audiences, creativity, good management, customer-based relationships and technology.

We have a great working environment that encourages every member of our team to grow, be creative and thrive. As a result, we have formed a powerful team of professionals who are dedicated to making MOSDEF.NET a gold standard platform that enables local businesses get the recognition they deserve and for our users to be able to discover great local businesses easily.

Our website helps local businesses compete with national advertisers for consumer attention. So, MOSDEF provides small, medium and big independent businesses an opportunity to reach a qualified, local consumer audience through a profile on its highly trafficked, consumer-facing website. MOSDEF provides its content to users in a hyper-local context, that is, neighborhoods and other relevant localities in Nigeria.Description (2000 characters max.)