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Share some CCIE 350-018 exam questions and answers below.
Which two MAC authentication methods are supported on WLCs? (Choose two.) 
A. local MAC authentication 
B. MAC authentication using a RADIUS server 
C. MAC authentication using tokens 
D. MAC authentication using a PIN 
Answer: A,B 

Many guidelines can be used to identify the areas that security policies should cover. In which four areas is coverage most important? (Choose four.) 
A. physical 
B. host 
C. user 
D. document 
E. incident handling and response 
F. security awareness training 
Answer: A,B,C,D

IANA is responsible for which three IP resources? (Choose three.) 
A. IP address allocation 
B. detection of spoofed address 
C. criminal prosecution of hackers 
D. autonomous system number allocation 
E. root zone management in DNS 
F. BGP protocol vulnerabilities 
Answer: A,D,E

Of which IPS application is Event Store a component? 

Which statement about the Cisco Secure Desktop hostscan endpoint assessment feature is true? 
A. Advanced endpoint assessment gives you the ability to turn on an antivirus active scan function if it has been disabled. 
B. Advanced endpoint assessment cannot force the antivirus software to automatically update the dat file if it has not been updated in n days. 
C. With basic endpoint assessment, you cannot check for multiple antivirus vendors products and version. 
D. Advanced endpoint assessment cannot enable the firewall if it has been disabled. 
Answer: A 

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