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Share some MCSD 70-483 exam questions and answers below.
You are creating a class library that will be used in a web application. You need to ensure that the class library assembly is strongly named. What should you do? 
A. Use the csc.exe /target: Library option when building the application. 
B. Use the AL.exe command-line tool. 
C. Use the aspnet_regiis.exe command-line tool. 
D. Use the EdmGen.exe command-line tool. 
Answer: B

You are creating an application that reads from a database. You need to use different databases during the development phase and the testing phase by using conditional compilation techniques.What should you do? 
A. Configure the Define TRACE constant setting in Microsoft Visual Studio. 
B. Decorate the code by using the [DebuggerDisplay ("Mydebug")] attribute. 
C. Configure the Define DEBUG constant setting in Microsoft Visual Studio. 
D. Disable the strong-name bypass feature of Microsoft .NET Framework in the registry. 
Answer: C

You are creating a class named Loan. 
The Loan class must meet the following requirements: 
- Include a member that represents the rate for a Loan instance. 
- Allow external code to assign a value to the rate member. 
- Restrict the range of values that can be assigned to the rate member. 
You need to implement the rate member to meet the requirements. In which form should you implement the rate member? 
A. public static property 
B. public property 
C. public static field 
D. protected field 
Answer: B

You are implementing a new method named ProcessData. The ProcessData() method calls a third-party component that performs a long-running operation. The third-party component uses the IAsyncResult pattern to signal completion of the long-running operation. You need to ensure that the calling code handles the long-running operation as a System.Threading.Tasks.Task object.Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 
A. Call the component by using the TaskFactory.FromAsync() method. 
B. Create a TaskCompletionSource object. 
C. Apply the async modifier to the method signature. 
D. Apply the following attribute to the method signature: [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] 
Answer: A, B

You are developing an application that will be deployed to multiple computers. You set the assembly name. You need to create a unique identity for the application assembly.Which two assembly identity attributes should you include in the source code? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 
A. AssemblyDelaySignAttribute 
B. AssemblyCompanyAttribute 
C. AssemblyProductAttribute 
D. AssemblyCultureAttribute 
E. AssemblyVersionAttribute 
Answer: D, E

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