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Share some HP ASE HP0-S45 exam questions and answers below.
A customer needs eight SAS drives installed in a RAID 10 configuration in their new HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server using the Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller embedded into the system The drives are installed property in the bays When the integrator attempts to configure the array, the drives do not appear in the configuration utility. What is the likely cause of the problem? 
A. A maximum six SAS drives are supported. 
B. SAS drives are not supported 
C. Only RAID O, RAID 1 and RAID 5 are supported. 
D. The Smart Array firmware was not updated to support SAS drives. 
Answer: B

Which is an appropriate use of the HP OneView Dashboard? 
A. to locate a server using a topology map of managed data center components 
B. to determine whether any servers or enclosures have a warning or critical health status 
C. to launch the integrated Lights Out (iLO) interface tor an individual managed server 
D. to check the power utilization of an individual managed server or rack 
Answer: B

What is a benefit of advanced memory protection on HP ProLiant BL460c Gcn9 servers? 
A. It helps to eliminate unplanned downtime by using advanced error checking, demand scrubbing, and patrol scrubbing. 
B. It helps to reduce latency for communications between a server and remote storage on the network. 
C. It helps to ensure compliance with regulatory standards by using HP Smart Encryption to encrypt all data at rest. 
D. It helps to prevent lost data during a power outage by backing up data to a non-volatile storage medium. 
Answer: A

An integrator is installing an HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server with an H240ar controller installed. The integrator needs to install a total of 24 SFF Drives. Which additional task must the integrator perform to meet the requirements? 
A. Add an HP 12 GB SAS Expander Card cabled to the H240ar and cabled to two SFF backplanes. 
B. Ada an SFF cable and an SFF backplane to the H240ar. 
C. Add two more H240ar controllers with 8 SFF drives attached to each controller. 
D. Add a rear drive cage backplane and cable it to the M240ar. 
Answer: C

What is a benefit of using 20Gb FlexFabric Converged network adapter (CNA) for the BladeSystems? 
A. It allows support tor RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RCOE) when the HP 6125XLG is used in conjunction with the FlexFabric adapter. 
B. It delivers 10Gb performance per port with an aggregate 20Gb in a dual-port adapter. 
C. The adapter streams converge 10GbE and 16Gb storage simultaneously over the same 20GD port. 
D. Performance is delivered through multiple 2/10Gb ports using multiple adapters in a teamed fashion. 
Answer: A

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