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Share some HPE ASE HPE0-J77 exam questions and answers below.
A backup and restore environment is being designed to use Synthetic backup Which statement describes this operation? 
A. Data created or modified since the last full or incremental backup, plus data accessed (touched) during a specified time frame, will be copied 
B. Take the last full backup, and append the incremental or differential backups to the full backup set. 
C. Database activity is quiesced to ensure that buffers and cached data are flushed to disk before the split is backed up. 
D. Copy all files that have been created or modified since the last full or incremental backup. 
Answer: B

You size an HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) solution for a customer's environment. The customer uses two HPE StoreServ systems and wants to run eight Recovery Set backups in parallel. To achieve the RTO, 4.5 TB of data must be restored per hour What is the minimum configuration that must be planned for the RMC host? 
A. 2 vCPU / 8 GB VRAM 
B. 4vCPU/16GBvRAM 
C. 8 vCPU / 32 GB VRAM 
D. 16 vCPU/64 GB VRAM 
Answer: C

A company has a 7-building campus with a primary and a secondary data center. HPE 3PAR StoreServ is used for primary storage. These arrays are complemented by the deployment of HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver Major departments at this location are Research, Marketing, and Sales. The Marketing group works with images and has very large files. They actively promote a product for 1 year, with an additional 1-3 month period of coexistence with the follow-on product. After that, they keep the files indefinitely for reference use and an occasional retro advertisement Marketing requires rapid access to the current materials and economical storage for the older campaigns Which data protection method will allow Marketing to cost effectively maintain their images over the 15 month product life? 
A. remote replication 
B. local replication 
C. backup 
D. archive 
Answer: B

A customer is using HPE StoreOnce VSA as a NAS target in a remote office backup architecture Which feature allows the customer to perform a deduplication-optimized copy to the central office? 
A. catalyst-based replication 
B. hash-based chunking 
C. remote snapshots 
D. low bandwidth replication 
Answer: A

A small company wants to protect the data on their server. There is approximately 5 TB of data They are looking for a backup solution that can attach directly to the server, has removable media, will allow fast backup, and supports a range backup applications Which product matches their needs? 
A. HPE StoreEver tape library 
B. HPE StoreEasy Storage NAS 
C. HPE StoreEver LTO Ultrium External Tape Drive 
D. VEEAM backup to HPE StoreOnce with tape offload 
Answer: C

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