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Share some SAP Application Associate C_TBW55_73 exam questions and answers below.
What happens when you schedule a Crystal Reports document in the BI launch pad? 
A. The contents of the report document will be archived on a regular basis. 
B. The report is only available in a predefined time frame to avoid peak times. 
C. A new report instance is created and available for business users. 
D. A new BI Workspace is created and can be integrated into the BI launch pad. 
Answer: C 

Which table do you use if you want to know the properties of the delta process of a DataSource (delta type, record modes in the delta process, and serialization)? 
A. PSA table of the DataSource 
B. RSDS in the BW system 
C. RODELTAM in the BW or source system. 
D. RSOLTPSOURCE in the BW system 
Answer: C

You want to export your organizational hierarchy data from the BW system to a third party system. Which option do you use to export the hierarchy data into a flat file? 
A. Flexible InfoSource 
B. Transports 
C. Open Hub Destination 
D. Direct Update InfoSource 
Answer: C

Which use cases are supported by MultiProviders? There are 2 correct answers to this question. 
A. Facilitating complex reporting scenarios with a MultiProvider that contains several otherMultiProviders. 
B. Changing the layout of the dimensions according to business semantics. 
C. Combining multiple InfoProviders using a temporal JOIN. 
D. Creating a UNION over several InfoCubes and accessing them with a single query. 
Answer: B,D

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