Many websites out there face issues with click through rate. A low CTR leads your website towards a loss. If you are not getting a good click through rate, then you are losing a lot of traffic, conversions, and sales. So in the end you are losing chances of business growth and revenue generation. A good click through rate or CTR can help you generate revenue from your website easily. That is why we are here to help you.

Here in this post, we will discuss click through rate. From the basics of this term to its importance, usage and improvement, we will cover all the aspects. So this post is going to be a complete guide on click through rate. Webmasters, bloggers, eCommerce business owners or SEO analysts, anyone who has an online business can grow traffic easily after reading this post. So let’s start with this post to know more about the CTR or click through rate, its importance and improvement. 

Understand Click Through Rate

The first thing that you have to do is to understand more about the click through rate. You can improve your website’s CTR or your ad campaign’s CTR, then you must be able to understand it more deeply. So below we have all the information about CTR or click-through-rate. If you know it already then you can skip it. 


CTR stands for click-through rate, which means the percentage of several clicks you get on any of your content. CTR is calculated to check what percentage of targeted prospects clicked your ad campaign. It can be used for email marketing, content marketing, SEO Reseller, PPC and many other digital marketing tactics. 

How It Is Calculated?

Do you know how click-through rate is calculated? Don’t worry if you don’t know. It is very easy to calculate it and you don’t even require any special tools to calculate the click-through rate. Simply, you have to divide the number of clicks with the number of targeted people. For example, you have targeted 100 email addresses and sent them a newsletter. Out of these 100 emails if 20 people click on your email links, then it will mean that you have a 20% click through rate. 

How Much CTR Is Good?

Now the question you may ask is how much CTR you should have in your ad campaigns. So the average CTR which is known as good click through rate is around 1.90% for text ads and 0.30% for display ads. But it is good to have around 5% of CTR on text ads and around 1% click through rate on your display ads. All this estimate is according to Adwords. 

Why Is It Important?

click through rate is very important for the SEO industry. It is used as a measurement tool by the digital marketers to check the return on investment or ROI of their digital advertising campaigns. 

Tips To Improve Click Through Rate

We hope that now you are familiar with the importance of CTR in digital ad campaigns. Not only for the search engine advertising but also you can use it to calculate the ROI of your social media ad campaigns, Email marketing campaigns and other campaigns. Following are some tips to improve click through rate of your website. 

#1. Keyword Research

We know that you are paying attention to the keyword research. But using the right keywords for your ad campaign is one of the necessary things that you must do for a high click through rate.

Long-Tail Keywords

Try to use more long-tail keywords in your ad campaigns to target your audience. Spend a few hours to collect keywords with high potential. 

#2. Write Good Ad Copy

Content of your advertisement copy is also important. If it is not appealing then nobody will click on it. So you won’t get traffic or visits to your landing page. So must pay attention while writing ad copy for your campaign. 


Try to add appealing titles to your ad copy. Your title should be eye-catching and must be optimized. 

Meta Description

A meta description is also important after the title of the Ad content. You must add a good and descriptive content here also. 

Optimize URL

Your URL of the landing page, where you need to redirect visitors should be optimized. It will help you get a good click through rate. 

#3. Pay Attention To Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most important. Try to save your landing page from a high bounce rate. Following are the ways to do it. 

Make Them Relevant

Make your landing pages relevant to your ad copy content. 

Make Them Simple

Try to make your landing pages as simple as possible. 

#4. Target Right Audience

Try to target the right audience with your ad campaign. If you don’t know about the audience then it will end up with a low click through rate. 

#5. Pay Attention To Visual Content

Visual content is the future of online marketing. If you are not adding images, GIFs or videos to your advertisement campaign, then you will get a low click through rate. So must pay attention towards it if you really want traffic from your campaign and then you want to convert them into sales. 

#6. Write Structured Content For Ad

Structured data is also good to provide on your landing page or through your ad copy content. If you have structured content then it will be easy to get a high click through rate. 

Click Through Rate is important for all online advertisement campaigns. Not only just because it is a great way to measure the ROI of the ad campaign. But it is important because it tells you whether your ad campaign is working or not. So if you want a good click through rate, then must use the above-mentioned tips. Or, if you don’t have an in-house team, you can hire a good digital marketing company to run and optimize your paid campaigns.

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