Wisdom teeth extraction is needed when your wisdom tooth or teeth are causing you problems and pain. There could be numerous reasons for tooth extraction. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

Jaw damage. Cysts can develop around the new teeth. If they are left untreated, they can damage nerves and hollow out your jaw 

Damage to the other teeth.  Your other teeth can be pushed around by the extra set of molars. Causing bite problems and mouth pain.

Cavities. Inflamed gums can create pockets between teeth that can cause cavities to form and bacteria to grow.

Sinus issues. Wisdom teeth problems can cause pain, sinus, congestion, and pressure.

Inflamed gums. Nerve sand tissues around the teeth can get swollen and cause pain

Alignment issues. impacted wisdom teeth can create problems with other teeth and can make the teeth straighten treatment necessary for other teeth.

Can a child’s wisdom teeth be removed?

When a child’s wisdom tooth forms but does not erupt, then it is considered impacted. Partially impacted wisdom teeth are those that emerge partially and not fully erupted. It is important to go for a regular dental check-up. 

Only the pediatric dentist will know for certain if the procedure of wisdom teeth removal is necessary or not for your child. Your dentist may suggest wisdom teeth removal for your child if the wisdom tooth is impacted to prevent the following outcomes.

Trapped food that can cause cavities and decayExcessive tooth pain at the siteJawbone damageDamage to the nearby gums and teethIrritated gumShifting teethGum disease

What can we expect from the tooth removal procedure?

The teeth are one of the most important and hardest substances in the human body. The teeth play an important role in speech, besides being essential for chewing food. During the surgery, the doctor will give you anesthesia or they might make you inhale nitrous oxide or laughing gas for you to relax the muscles or even dose during the surgery. But you will feel conscious and alert again after a few minutes. After the tooth removal process, the dentists make sure to properly stitch the wound so that it can heal quickly.

How to recover faster from wisdom tooth removal surgery?

The dentist near me recommends these measures to heal faster from a wisdom teeth removal surgery.

For a sore jaw use a moist heat packTo reduce the swelling pain use an ice packDrink enough fluids or liquids to keep yourself hydratedEat soft food items like pasta, soup, or riceGently close or open your mouth to exercise your jaw musclesGently brush your teeth avoiding the wounded site.Call or visit your dentist if the swelling, pain, or fever does not improve.Remember to take the prescribed medicines to ease the pain and inflammation


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