Did you know that the floral industry can provide endless earning opportunities to you, either as a hired florist Surry Hills or working as self-employed of your own florist shop? If you really want to continue a career as a professional florist, discover the pros and cons of this challenging job.

Pros of a florist career

If you have decided to go on with your dream job as a florist Surry Hills, below are the benefits you will enjoy:

· More room to showcase your artistic talents

This is one of the reasons why creative people favor a career as a florist, the chance to show others their artistic talents and skills in designing flowers and turning these floral blooms into amazing masterpieces in events like weddings, parties as well as formal business gatherings.

· Widen your network

Another advantage of working in floral industry is the opportunity to widen one's network of connections because this career gives you a chance to meet people, fellow florists and other individuals who can help you become an expert in floral designs and arrangements.

 · Flexibility

This job doesn't require you to work fulltime as a florist. In fact, it gives you flexibility when it comes to choosing your working hours, either as a fulltime or part-time florist. If you decide to open you own floral shop as a florist Surry Hills, you have freedom to choose your opening and closing hours.

 · Rewarding job

As a professional florist, you have a chance to transform a dull event into an extraordinary occasion with your beautiful floral arrangement creations. This is indeed rewarding as you get recognition for a job well done.

Cons of a florist career

There are some downsides in this kind of profession, especially if you are just starting a career as an apprentice of a local floral shop:

· Starting pay could be low

If you are still learning the skills in floral arrangements as a trainee, your pay rate could be low for starters and you need to gain more experience in order to be considered for higher paying jobs in florist shops.

 · Demands more of your time

If you plan to start an apprentice career in reputable floral retailers in a busy location, expect more working hours to finish deadlines set by customers.

 · Stressful

As I've mentioned if you still lack relevant working experience in the floral marketplace, you have a tendency to become stress when your boss requires you to do overtime and meet strict deadlines.


I do hope the above pros and cons will help you make a wise choice on which career path to undertake. If you are really interested pursuing a floral career as a professional florist, be ready to dedicate time and energy to learn the easiest route leading to your success.


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